6 Things to Know About RICH SOLAR

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As more people are looking to enter into the solar life, whether through grid-tied or off-grid configurations, finding a reliable partner to help can seem daunting. Figuring out where to go for all your solar needs, whether as a novice or an expert, should be done carefully.

6 Things to Know About RICH SOLAR

With over 18 years of helping others become energy-independent, it’s safe to say we’re here for the long run. That said, everyone at the RICH SOLAR team understands that you’re going to want to learn more about who you trust to get you into solar energy.

Here are the 6 top questions (and things you should know) about RICH SOLAR.


RICH SOLAR is the leader in off-grid solar solutions; as a one-stop shop for solar panels, inverters, batteries, and all components for all your solar needs. We aim to build energy independence across America and help people discover the benefits of off-grid solar. With high-quality products, world-class customer service, and cost-efficient prices, we can guarantee that we can help you on your journey to an off-grid future.

What Does RICH SOLAR do? 

RICH SOLAR is the one-stop shop for all your solar energy needs. Our RICH SOLAR MEGA™ Series solar panels are reliable, affordable, and are the epitome of solar power generation. The solar panels work in conjunction with our RICH SOLAR ALPHA™ Series batteries and RICH SOLAR NOVA™ Series inverters, making sure you have all the energy you need to power your home, RV, cabin, and more.

What Does RICH SOLAR do?

Our goal is to make your life easier by building energy independence. To do that, we are always looking to improve our products, which is why we’re constantly researching new technologies to implement. 

Whether you’re looking to get started on your solar power journey, or you’re trying to troubleshoot an error in your off-grid solar system, RICH SOLAR and its team of certified customer service and technical support representatives are here to help. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Why should I buy from RICH SOLAR?

On top of the guarantee that RICH SOLAR offers quality solar products at the best prices, there’s a reason RICH SOLAR has been the off-grid solar leader since 2005, and it’s because people trust us. Whether you’re looking to build your first grid-tied setup or are adding on to your off-grid solar power system.

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Where Is RICH SOLAR Located?

RICH SOLAR’s offices and warehouse are conveniently located in Ontario, California. It’s here where our RICH SOLAR-certified customer service representatives and technicians take your calls, helping you with all your solar power questions and needs.

Where Is RICH SOLAR Located?

If you’re local or are just in the area and want a more personal touch, feel free to come by and pick up your purchase. We’re happy to help anyone looking to become energy-independent and embrace solar power.

When Did RICH SOLAR Begin?

Officially, RICH SOLAR began as a company in 2005, but how it got to where it is today began a little earlier. Our founders grew up in a mining town where the air was filled with coal and other pollutants. It’s here where they realized the need for cleaner, more reliable energy for current and future generations.

When Did RICH SOLAR Begin?

They recognized the sun’s potential for limitless energy was the answer and began focusing on solar power. Understanding the need for a future with better energy production and wanting to showcase the values that mattered most, the founders came up with a name that encompassed their philosophy as a solar leader.

Rich Solar Values

After that, in 2005, RICH SOLAR was born with the express purpose of helping others build energy independence.

How Can RICH SOLAR Make a Difference?

There are a lot of ways that RICH SOLAR makes a difference. For starters, RICH SOLAR’s commitment to providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy puts it in a unique place of innovation and investment to create high-tech products that make your life easier.

Our research team is on the front lines of innovation, looking for new and unique ways to implement new technologies that make your life easier. By investing in making your life easier. RICH SOLAR can come up with cutting-edge technologies.

Solar power systems and batteries by Rich Solar Products, providing sustainable energy solutions.

One such innovation is our ALPHA series batteries with Bluetooth monitoring, internal temperature control, and 7000+ lifetime cycles, making it one of the most reliable off-grid lithium batteries. 

Rich Solar ALPHA series batteries: reliable and efficient power storage solutions for all your energy needs.

But the best way RICH SOLAR can make a difference: you. Your commitment to energy independence and using RICH SOLAR products can help create a world that uses clean, renewable, and affordable energy.

Rich Solar Products

All our certified customer service reps and technicians are on the lines, ready to take your calls and help you on your off-grid solar journey. Whether you're looking for solar panels, lithium batteries, or everything in between, you can be sure that RICH SOLAR is here to help you out.

If there is anything we still haven’t talked to you about or you are convinced to buy a solar panel, lithium battery, energy converter, or any other solar power items, contact one of our specialty customer service representatives. We’re always happy to help.