RICH SOLAR Corner Bracket Mount Set of 6

  • Non-corrosive and high quality ABS plastic construction.
  • 100% recyclable and UV resistant.
  • Drill-free mounting.
  • Designated for virtually any aluminum framed solar panels.
  • Best suitable for flat roofs of aluminum, wood, or GRP material.
  • Easier and more flexible installation.
  • Compatible with all RICH SOLAR solar panels.


Ask a Question
  • Rich, bought your solar panels and the Drill Free ABS mounts from you through Amazon. Looking at installing the system in the next month. Any info on the type of adhesive to use for gluing the mounts to the roof of a 2015 motorhome?

    The material of this mounts is ABC, it is the plastic. You can use the normal adhesive for your motorhome.