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Our Story

RICH SOLAR team is made up of employees with significant management skills and PV industry experience from a number of nations. All the employees who work together in RICH SOLAR family bring the highest-quality solar cells, solar modules and the best service to customers around the world.EeSRICH SOLAR

RICH SOLAR has the most valuable source of talents standing behind every product. Their innovativeness and broad vision are the driving forces that support the growth of development.EeSRICH SOLAR


RICH SOLAR has well established worldwide sales network. We have satellite companies in Italy, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong and important distributors in France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, United States, Bangladesh, Australia, and South America. More companies and distributors are being opened and established continually. This allows us to constantly increase the production volume and collect the needs of customers. Moreover, the wide-spread distribution network means that we can deliver the agreed number of solar cells and modules at any time.EeSRICH SOLAR

Installation TeamEeSRICH SOLAR

RICH SOLAR has established a professional and effective team in Italy to provide solutions and installation of solar projects in Europe. This team keeps a long-term cooperation with local EPC companies, providing customers with solution proposal, cost estimation, material procurement, site construction, and management and maintenance of solar power system. In this way, RICH SOLAR is able to provide a full-range technical support to customers timely. The same installation teams will be established continually in Germany, France, Czech Republic and other countries.EeSRICH SOLAR

Brand Operation TeamEeSRICH SOLAR

RICH SOLAR is always focusing on creating a popular and convincing brand image in customers’ minds. We have employed talents in brand-marketing from China and Italy to take responsibility of promoting the brand of RICH SOLAR. Through years’ efforts, our brand operation team has been established in Italy with the aim to build RICH SOLAR into an internationally accepted brand. We have actively presented ourselves in authoritative magazines, expositions, forums, TVs, etc. and won acceptance and trust from most experts and customers.EeSRICH SOLAR


RICH SOLAR invests a large budget into the R&D center every year so that the team can keep up with their investigation and study new energy technologies. The R&D center has made a breakthrough in improvement of silicon wafer technology, solar cell efficiency and solar module output power. Thus, more value is created for the company and more reliable guaranty is brought to the customers. RICH SOLAR R&D center is also striving to work out the best solutions of solar system for each customer. In addition to our proprietary R&D efforts, we are also teaming up with external parties to develop cutting-edge technologies.EeSRICH SOLAR